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A Year in Review!

I've only started buying Lululemon at the start of 2015.  I know, I am pretty late to the party.  Let me say that I will only admit this here, I spent a whopping total of $6,728 in Lululemon purchases this year.  When I obsess over something, I obsess !  It's like I have a one track mind.  This can be very good, and also very bad.  But because I know I obsess over things I kept an excel spread sheet with every Lululemon purchase I made this year.  However I did end up selling 8 pieces on Ebay and will probably list up a few more over the upcoming weeks.  I didn't subtract that from the total. This year for 2016, I want to be really selective over what pieces I buy because I already feel like I've got a superfluous amount of athleisure wear.  But my favorite pieces from 2015 in no particular order is as follows: 1. Herringbone Hi Rise Wunder Under Pants.  These are so comfortable, soft and warm.  I wear them with sneakers and even boots.  2. High Times Pant