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USA / Canada Upload! February 14th 2017

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Hope you got to spend some quality time with your loved ones. I actually don't celebrate Valentine's Day with my husband. It was basically his idea that we don't celebrate it and his reasoning is, it should be Valentine's Day every day. I have to agree with him. It's also one less stressful holiday for us. I feel like it's too soon after Christmas, and my birthday was just last week and his birthday is next month. But if you do celebrate it I hope you had a great day! Tonight's upload was pretty boring, honestly. I really like the color of this Free To Be Bra, but I wish I liked this bra more. I have a couple of these and I just don't love them as much as FTBW bras. So yeah, nothing for me tonight! Anything for you? How is everyone's ban going? We are halfway through!!! It really doesn't seem hard for me. My job is keeping me super busy. It's unreal! Between my job, my blog, working out and just trying

USA / Canada Upload! January 3rd 2017

Strive print is everywhere.  I really like the print, but it does remind me of Werkshop's galaxy leggings I have so I won't be getting it.  I would enjoy the Free To Be Zen bra in this print but it's been either a hit or miss for me in this style.  The sizing seems to vary a lot with this bra for me.  Nothing for me today.  Anything for you? Cadence Crusher Tight Inkwell Speed Tight V Reflective (crazy but now I'm getting used to seeing that $298 price tag!)  Swiftly LS Indian Ocean (really pretty might want this in the racerback tank) Pace Rival Crop Strive Multi Wunder Under Pant III Strive Multi Inspire Tight II Strive Multi Speed Tight V Strive Multi Free To Be Zen Bra Strive Multi Speed Short Strive Multi  (I really like this, but I think the Midnight Tulle print is better) Throw & Go Tote Astro Blue All Day Duffle Teeny Check Print Canada got the Swiftly Racerback in Indian Ocean

Fit Review! Speed Tight V in Variegated Knit

Hello Monday!  Here is a Special Review Monday (couldn't think of a snappy name that starts with a M) since I didn't have a proper Fit Review for you guys on Friday. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Speed Tight V in Size 4 Last time I tried the Speed Tight V , I accidentally picked up a size 6 which was a bit too loose.  I ordered these in variegated knit to give a proper review.  Fit is true to size.  If you're in between sizes I would size up.  I found these to be slightly compressive but nothing major. Length is also an issue for me and these are too long of course.  You can see in the photo if I had them hemmed (3-4 inches) I would lose the reflective detail.   (photo to show how much I would need to cut off if I got these hemmed) Waist is mid-rise which I prefer.  The variegated knit is slightly scratchy when I initially put them on. However, by the time I was finished with the photo shoot, I

USA/Canada Cyber Monday Upload! November 27th 2016

First I'd like to point out a couple of new items on WMTM that's worth noting.  I've been eyeing the darkest magenta Define Jacket ever since I tried it on at the store last month.  It's now on sale!  So tempting! Define Jacket $89 Like Nothing 7/8 Tight $98 As for the new stuff, I really like the new Vinyasa Scarf and Speed Shorts.  I might place a small order tonight.   Ebates is still 10% which is very nice.  I've been getting decent cash back from all the holiday shopping.   Fast and Free 7/8 Tight in Fairisle   Rest Less 1/4 Zip in Heathered Black Speed Tight V in Varigated Knit Heathered Black (I wish I still ran outside so I would have an excuse to buy these!) Wander Pant in Inkwell Speed Shorts in Fairisle   (really kind of want these) Wander Jacket in Nocturnal Teal Vinyasa Scarf Rulu in Running Luon Spray Jacquard Capri Black (mine!!) Align Pant in Dark Carbon Overall nothing too exciting.

Fit Review! Cool Racerback II Wee Are From Space, Outrun 1/2 Zip Alberta Lake, Speed Tight V Darkest Magenta, Align Crop Black Cherry, Define Jacket Nocturnal Teal

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!  Hope you get spend some time with your loved ones before all the Black Friday craziness begins. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms. I managed to go to the store earlier this week to do some try ons, so here is a quick review.   When I saw the new color wee are from space I decided to give the CRBII another try. Cool Racerback Wee Are From Space Deep Coal Battleship Size 4 The fabric on this CRBII feels thick and a little bit on the stiff side.  I didn't find it to be very soft.  The fit is very definitely slim.  I do love the higher neckline, but I am still not a fan of the thin racerback.  So unfortunately I don't think I'll ever own a CRBII no matter what pretty colors these come out in.   You can see the thin strap in the reflection in the mirror here.   The front really looks good though if you're petite like I am.  The length is also prefect.  It hits right at my hips