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Review- Gucci Marmont Bag - Is It Worth the Investment?

Two years ago I purchased this Gucci Marmont bag in the nude color. The website currently has a similar color called dusty pink. I am not 100% sure it's the exact same shade as the one I have, but I think it is. This is probably one of my favorite bag purchases that's a non Balenciaga. As some of you know, I love Balenciaga bags and hardly ever stray to other brands. This post will show how my Gucci Marmont bag has held up after two years and my overall thoughts carrying the bag.  This photo was taken when I first received her. First off I should say I have a lot of bags, probably more than one should ever own and care to admit to. The majority of my bags are Balenciaga bags. I do own a handful of Coach bags as well. For work I usually grab either a Balenciaga or Coach because they are not super flashy. Most people don't know what a Balenciaga bag looks like and everyone and their grandmother owns a Coach bag so it flies under the radar and I like th