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Road Trip to Panama City/Rosemary Beach & Allbirds Sale Update

Allbirds Sale Update! I want to start off this post by apologizing for the mixup with the Allbirds sale. They sent out an automated email notifying me to let my readers know about the sale. When the sale didn't happen as I was told it would, I reached out to my contact over at Allbirds to express my concern and disappointment. He looked into the matter and realized that the email I received was delayed by 3 days due to a software issue. My contact was then kind enough to let me know that this week he'll give me a new discount code that I can provide, so stay tuned.  My husband and I took a little road trip to Panama City for a long weekend. The drive from Atlanta is about five to six hours. We explored Panama City Beach for a few hours but was put off by the loud cruising culture. Then we got in the car and drove to Rosemary Beach and spent the rest of the day there. Rosemary Beach is cute! My husband says it reminds him of Austria. I will link to th

Road Trip!

Happy Friday everyone! I'm traveling again this weekend. We are heading to Charlotte, North Carolina to watch a soccer game between Liverpool and Borussia Dortmund. I honestly don't know much about soccer, but last year we went to see Atlanta United play and had such a great time that we want to do it again! I'll be spending one day each in Charlotte and Greenville.  Are there any readers out there who are familiar with either place? Is there anything you would recommend seeing or doing? We're open to restaurants or anything that's fun! We really miss how walkable New York City and Boston are and don't get to do that much in Atlanta. Hoping we can get in a lot of steps this weekend. I apologize for not having a lot of reviews lately, but I promise I have some coming up soon! Have a great weekend!