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Upload! May 14th 2019

I've been eating way too much food ever since I've been back in NY. My parents are trying to stuff me with all the food I've been missing out on. 😂 Fairly small upload tonight. The  Essential Tank Scallop Texture  intrigues me, but not a fan of the color. Also like the  Rejuvenate Scarf  but the price is insane. Nothing interests me enough in tonight's upload to place an order. Is there anything you want to see a review of? Leave me a comment below! Essential Tank Scallop Texture Jubilee (I like this, but maybe a different color.) Renew The Day Short Sleeve Vintage Mauve Tie Your Practice Long Sleeve Silver Fox Fabled Forest Jacket Chambray Define Jacket Incognito Camo Gray (pretty sure this will sell out fast.) Scuba Hoodie Dark Red Geo Tight Lululemon Lab Plum Wunder Under Crop Lace Moonwalk Wunder Under Crop Roll Down Scallop Smokey Blush Wunder Under Crop Roll Down Scallop Vintage Plum Speed Up Short Inc