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Fit Review Friday! Athleta Short Sleeve Criss Cross Dress, Zephyr Tee, Banana Republic Sloan Pant

Happy Friday!! Friday is the best day of the week. Why? Because I know Saturday and Sunday I can sleep in. Once it's Saturday, I'm already dreading Sunday. 😂 This week has been really crazy. Kitchen renovation is still ongoing. Demolition took place on Tuesday. The cabinets are 90% finished. Monday we have a vendor coming in to measure the counter. Then we have to wait about two weeks for the counter tops to be cut. After that we still have to do the backsplash. Then I'm debating on having the entire condo professionally cleaned. I really do not do well with all the dust that's flying around. My asthma starts up and takes weeks for it to go away.  Today is also my 2nd wedding anniversary! My husband sent flowers to my office and made all my female co workers jealous.  After work we went to IKEA to return some things. Check out this super long IKEA receipt. It's almost as tall as me! After that we headed over to one of our favorite restaurants

New From Athleta!

Sometimes I really just want to get rid of my entire wardrobe so I can start new. After looking at Athleta's newest offerings, the temptation to do just that is strong. Not so much my collection of leggings, but most of my old summer tops probably need to go. I am loving their linen collection. Hope you all had a great weekend! I can't believe it's May! Where does the time go?! In other news my Lululemon order won't arrive until Wednesday. It's usually 2 day shipping, I don't understand why this order is taking a whole week. Grr...... So this will delay my huge fit review Friday I was planning.  Bah! Tie Dye Salutation 7/8 Ankle Tight Cobble Stone Gray (These look a lot like Lululemon's WU Pant Shibori print, but what's nice about Athleta is they offer petite sizing. Their petite length comes in 22 inches long and I might be tempted to try these.) Aura Sonar Capri Silver Bells (Silver bells reminds me of Lululemon's magnum. Again, th