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Why Lululemon

Back in 2012 I was really addicted to Anthropologie for clothing.  Sometimes I shopped at Zara and Free People too, but Anthropologie was my favorite.  I also started working out that year and got into the best shape of my life. For workout clothes I just bought some cheap stuff from Target.  $20 crops and $15 sports bras.  Nothing fancy.  But then I started browsing at Victoria's Secret for their sports bras and yoga shorts.  To this day, I still prefer Angel by Victoria's Secret Sports Bra.  This is my favorite workout bra ever and hope they never discontinue it! My introduction to Lululemon was very slow.  I'd seen the shopping bags all over the city being carried around by women everywhere.  My sister owned a hoodie that looked very nice on her and I liked how fitted it was.  Most of the hoodies I owned were very casual and loose fitting. My first Lululemon purchase was actually a present for my sister.  I think I picked another hoodie or jacket.  It wasn't