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Upload! December 10th 2019

Pretty boring holiday upload. Is it bad that I think the Lululemon Lab items are awful? I skip right over them. I like the  Coast Easy Wrap , but not digging any of the colors. Also really like  Sit In Lotus Wrap II Heathered Sandlot . The color is very pretty, but I think it would wash me out. The  Serene Light Wrap  is very interesting and would like to try that one as well. What do you think of this upload? Sit In Lotus Wrap II Heathered Sandlot Breeze By LS Squad Night Diver/Slate (If I can find one on WMTM I would like to try this.) Warm Stabilizer 1/2 Zip Hoodie Blue Charcoal Go Forward Pullover Heathered Pink Bliss Sit In Lotus Sweater Cashmere Heathered Core Light Gray Scuba Hoodie True Navy Coast Easy Wrap Heathered Dark Olive (I wish I was more excited about this one, but none of the colors appeal to me.) Full Freedom Jacket Stone Blue Radiant Jacket Heathered Purple Quartz Serene Light Wrap Black (I kinda like this one

Upload! April 17th 2018

There are a few things I'm eyeing in tonight's upload. I need to be talked out of it all! For instance the new Define Jacket in dusty dawn. I reminds me of dusty mauve a little bit. Can I justify having both? I haven't placed an order yet, still playing with things in my cart. Did you order anything? More commentary below- Define Jacket Dusty Dawn Low Key Tank Heathered Dusty Dawn (Since I'm loving lilac right now, I also want this!) Free To Be Wild Bra Jasmine White (I think I'll add this to my FTBW collection) Free To Be Wild Graphite Gray Scuba Hoodie Porcelain Pink (They are releasing some really nice Scuba colors lately... I wish this one were heathered though) Ready To Run Jacket Pinpoint Navy Moroccan Blue (I'm really drawn to this jacket, I love the shade of blue and the back looks amazing) (I really love the back of the design. I might have to get this) Ready to Run Jacket Pinpoint Black (It looks gr

Lululemon Upload! October 30th 2017

Greetings from New Orleans! The weather here is wonderful. 70s during the day and it's been sunny the entire time here so far. I've been eating up a ton and not working out at all. Will have to get back to my regular routine when I get home. I have been walking around a lot though, so that helps a little bit! There IS a Lululemon here, and I did go to check things out. I'll have a store try on post soon! For tonight's surprise upload, I'm eyeing a couple of things. The Scuba Hoodie is cute. We haven't seen a print Scuba in a while. I really love the desert teal Swiftly. Did you order anything? I'm waiting to see how much damage I do in New Orleans before I place an order. 😂 Swiftly LS Desert Teal (How pretty is this teal colored Swiftly?!) Scuba Hoodie Rip Wave Thunder Black (I'm curious to try this one on since I love the pink and purple together) Swiftly Starter Pack  Wind Down Jacket Midnight Navy Down For A Run Jacket