Upload! December 10th 2019

December 10, 2019

Pretty boring holiday upload. Is it bad that I think the Lululemon Lab items are awful? I skip right over them. I like the Coast Easy Wrap, but not digging any of the colors. Also really like Sit In Lotus Wrap II Heathered Sandlot. The color is very pretty, but I think it would wash me out. The Serene Light Wrap is very interesting and would like to try that one as well. What do you think of this upload?

(If I can find one on WMTM I would like to try this.)

(I wish I was more excited about this one, but none of the colors appeal to me.)

(I kinda like this one, it is different.)

(I wish these came in petite length.)

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  1. The Go Forward Pullover is cute in that pink color but nothing for me.

    1. Same! Pretty lame upload. I still need to pick something out for my sister.


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