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Upload! December 4th 2018

Where is my money tree?! I just placed a giant order too and now there's even more stuff that I want to try! 😩 Want to try so many things. The new plushy  Scuba Hoodie , the  Speed Up Short  in the new prints, the  Coast Easy Wrap , and the  Anew Strap Tank . SO sad. I will wait until I get my order before I place another one. Did you order anything tonight? What do you think of tonight's upload? Scuba Hoodie Plush Heathered Iced Iris (I'm tempted to order one of these to try, it looks very cozy!) Scuba Hoodie Plush Dark Adobe (Is the piping a different color or is it just the lighting that makes it look pink?) Energy Bra Flocked Dark Adobe Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Flocked Dark Adobe Fast & Free Full Length Tight Frosted Rose (I like this print, but wonder if it stretches white, it kind of already looks like that on the model.) Wunder Under Hi-Rise Crop Flocked Dark Adobe Fast & Free Crop Nulux Frosted Rose

Lululemon Upload! Cyber Monday

How was everyone's holiday? I'm back in Atlanta for one day and already miss my grandma so much. But I am happy to be back home with my husband and 2 kitties. I'm happy to see Sherlock is still small but he definitely grew a decent amount in the last 9 days. Right now he's sitting in the crook of my left elbow while I type this post up. I think he's definitely the type of cat that will watch TV. There's tons of Cyber Monday deals today. I'm so tempted to buy a couple of Coach bags that are on sale but I'm trying to be good! I ended up ordering a sweater blazer from Banana Republic for less than half off. Also placed an order for Athleta girls and J.Crew girls. I'll have some really good reviews coming up for those who are super petite! Speed Wunder Tight Nulux Electrobeam (I like the colors, but I don't think this is something I would ever wear) Energy Bra Electrobeam Warm & Restore Sweater Dark Olive (This looks super c