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Upload! July 23rd 2019 Lululemon X Barry's

I totally forgot to mention last week that I placed a Nordstrom Anniversary order. Hopefully I'll have some items in for review soon, and if you didn't know, Athleta is also having their semi-annual sale right now. Both sales are worth checking out for sure. Meanwhile, Lululemon X Barry's collection dropped today as well. Fortunately, nothing from today's upload has my attention! Seem's like everyone is trying to get a piece of my bank account. Let me know what you think of all the sales. I'm currently eyeing a couple of pairs of Birdies . Has anyone tried a pair? Stronger As One Ribbed Tank Red Dust Lululemon X Barry's Stronger As One Muscle Tank Lululemon X Barry's Heathered Vintage Mauve Reveal Bra Precision Lululemon X Barry's Red Dust Stronger As One Sleeveless Hoodie Lululemon X Barry's Vintage Mauve Stronger As One Cropped Hoodie Lululemon X Barry's Heathered Red Dust Stronger As One Tight 28" Lul