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USA / Canada Upload! January 24th 2017

Small upload tonight it seems. Debating on the new Nulux print. Anything for you tonight? Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Nulux Flux 50g Multi Black (I like this print, maybe I'll order it to see) Wunder Under Crop Shatter Weave Dust Coral Plum Cold Shoulder Tank Black (interesting but what would you wear underneath?) Energy Bra Nulux Flux 50g Multi Black Speed Short Mini Dedication Dot Indian Ocean (this is pretty cute) Play All Day SockBlazer Blue

Fit Review Friday! Play All Day Socks and Anthropologie Visit!

Ok so this isn't really a fit review since I didn't get myself to the store.  But I am hoping maybe I'll stop by this weekend to try a few things on my wish list.  However, I did order the Play All Day Socks when I saw them in the blue and pink combo!  I cannot pass up super cute socks. Play All Day Sock Unfortunately the Pink Shell/Pipe Dream Blue combo already sold out online but they still have the white pair.  I would totally buy another pair if I could now that I know they fit me!  Normally I have to buy socks from the kids section because my feet are just that tiny.  I love the New Balance socks I have and they are children's size large.     I typically wear a size 5 or 5.5 in women's and most socks never fit me perfectly.  There's also hanging fabric left over at the end of my foot which annoys me so much.  It's like a pet peeve.  I took a chance ordering these in the size Small/Medium.  When I saw these right out of the packaging I kn