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Upload! October 15th 2019

Show Me The Sherpa Jacket is the only thing I'm really interested in from tonight's upload. I really like how the front of the jacket looks, but not crazy about the quilted back. I think it looks a little odd. I also hope to see it in other colors. I don't want another black jacket and I'm too chicken to wear the ceramic color. Anything for you? I'm also eyeing a couple of things from WMTM . More on that at the end of this post! Show Me The Sherpa Jacket Heathered Ceramic Breeze By Long Sleeve Squad Night Diver Principal Dancer Funnel Neck Sweater Two Track Mind Jacket Black Ready To Rulu Hoodie Heathered Frosted Mulberry Swept Along Jacket Dark Chrome Down For It All Jacket Dark Adobe Snow Warrior Parka Garnet Winter Warrior Parka Wool Heathered Graphite Winter Warrior 3 in 1 Parka Dark Red    Cold Pacer Hi-Rise Tight Night Diver Warm Down Jogger Heathered Cashew Essential Hi-Rise Trouser