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Upload! October 15th 2019

Show Me The Sherpa Jacket is the only thing I'm really interested in from tonight's upload. I really like how the front of the jacket looks, but not crazy about the quilted back. I think it looks a little odd. I also hope to see it in other colors. I don't want another black jacket and I'm too chicken to wear the ceramic color. Anything for you?

I'm also eyeing a couple of things from WMTM. More on that at the end of this post!

Currently there's a ton of items on WMTM, a couple of jackets caught my eye. Does anyone have  On Repeat Bomber? I'm leaning towards the size 2. But not 100% sure. Please help a girl out! If you do have the jacket is there anything you don't like about it? Thanks!

(I'm also really interested in this, I love the pattern. It's on mark down for $89.)


  1. I can't help you with the On Repeat Bomber but I did buy the Hooded Define Jacket in the Mini Dusk Floral Antique Bark pattern as I think it'll be very nice for fall (was debating between this and Scuba hoodie in the same pattern but I have too many hoodies).

  2. I was interested in the Show me the Sherpa Jacket until I saw the quilted back. Wish the entire jacket came in Sherpa fabric! The same case for the Roam Far Coat Waterproof Wool. The quilted part looks like of funny to me.

    Nothing else caught my attention in this upload.

  3. I have the bomber jacket and I’m 5’1 I think it’s a perfect fit for us petite girls although the sleeves are slightly long

  4. Nothing for me but I like the Principal Dancer pullover and the Sherpa Jacket.

  5. I have the bomber jacket and I find it TTS. Love the jacket. I wear a 10 in scuba, 12 in define and I got a 12 for the on repeat bomber jacket as I wanted it to be longer on my 5'7 frame.


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