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My workout routine and outfits!

Back in 2012 when I first started to seriously get into shape again I could not do one single push up.  I remember vividly to this day how I got into the plank position, bent my elbows and the next thing I knew I face planted to the floor.  I could not believe how weak I was! Now I don't actually go to the gym.  I used to sign up every year for NY Sports Club and never really went.  I prefer doing most of my workouts in my bedroom or living room.  I started using 5 lb dumb bells and gradually worked myself up to 15 lbs.  I've got a decent collection of kettlebells.  They range from 15 lbs to 30 lbs.  This year I'm going to master using the 25 lb kettlebell. my weight collection My 25 lb KB  February 2015 is when I looked my fittest ever.  Now, I laugh and say presently I'm fatter, but I'm stronger.  I'm definitely not as lean as I was and could be.  A lot of it is eating smaller portions and eating clean, which is harder than any of my workouts.