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Fit Review! Werkshop Thunderbird Athleisure Leggings

How is everyone doing? We actually had some flurries over the weekend. So far nothing stuck, but it's enough to have everything shut down in Atlanta. 😂 Coming from New York and Boston, this makes me laugh. We went food shopping the day before the expected "snow storm" and it was a mad house. Aisles were bare, and check out the candy aisle.  😹 Hope everyone is staying safe and warm out there! For today's review we have Werkshop Athleisure leggings. I haven't purchased a pair from Werkshop in while but this print really caught my eye. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wear size small in Werkshop. I also typically wear size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Thunderbird Athleisure Leggings Size Small I love Werkshop Athleisure leggings because they fit similar to Lululemon Align bottoms. They are super comfy and not compressive at all. The fabric also does not pill which I love. They feel smooth and buttery and just a little satiny. The length measures 28 inche

Fit Review! Werkshop Phoenix Athleisure Leggings

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday my husband and I drove around and noticed a lot of restaurants were closed up. It just made me very sad to think that when this is all over and we can all go out again, that many of our favorite stores and places to eat won't be there. So if you're in a place where you can support a small business, please do so.  Werkshop has always been one of my favorite small businesses to shop at and I have over a handful of their Athleisure leggings. I'm very happy to add another one to my collection! For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size small in Werkshop. I also wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Phoenix Athleisure  Size Small I've covered Werkshop leggings in the past but haven't done so in a while. Their athleisure leggings are super soft and smooth. The waistband is very similar to Lululemon Align bottoms which is why I love them so much. There is zero compression in these as well. The length is quite long a

New Werkshop! Birds Of A Feather Collection

Birds of a Feather collection Werkshop has a fabulous new collection that is launching Monday at noon called Birds of a Feather . I particularly love the owl and phoenix . Once I'm off my ban I'll be picking up the owl for sure. Which one is your favorite?  Shop:  Birds of a Feather collection

Werkshop Black Friday Sale! 20% off Site-Wide!

I've been wanting to try their Athleisure leggings for a while and finally pulled the trigger! I couldn't decide between Moths and Raven so I ended up going with the Mash Up pair. 😂 I also decided on the Jackalope as well. I wasn't sure if I should get a size small or XS so I went with both. I'll have a review up soon! The sale is now through Monday. Use Code THX2018 . Gothica Mash Up Moth Raven Jackalope

Werkshop Gothica Collection!

How is it already Friday again?! I finally placed a small order to Lululemon and another to Athleta. Will have some reviews up soon. Werkshop just announced their new Gothica collection just in time for Halloween! If you're new to Werkshop, you can receive $15 off your first order with my  referral link . Which one is your favorite pair? I'm digging Moth and Raven the most. All four come in full length and crop. Since fall/winter is coming (Game of Thrones, anyone?) I'm thinking full length will be more appropriate. I haven't ordered a new pair of Werkshop leggings in a long time. Maybe I'll order both and decide after. Always a good plan, right?  Moth Raven Gothica Gargoyle Hope everyone has a great weekend! I don't have much planned thank goodness. I hope to get some R&R in. It is much needed. I always feel like the days blur and I can't keep track anymore! 

Small Closet Sale!

This weekend I took a long look at my closet and picked out a bunch of stuff to donate or sell. For those who are not on a spending ban, if you're interested in something please email me at I accept Paypal and will only ship within the US. International shipping is just too expensive these days. All items are in excellent to like new condition. Shipping is $5 for priority mail. (I'll cover the rest of the cost). I do combine shipping as well. Thanks for looking! Werkshop Vintage Crop Size Small SOLD Review here . Werkshop Galaxy Crop by Ghost & Stars Size Small SOLD Short review here . Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Nulux Peony Size 4 SOLD Review here . Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight 7/8 Aerial Drift Size 4 - SOLD Full on Luxtreme Review here . Athleta Hi-Rise Powerful Gleam Tight Size PXS - SOLD Review here . Athleta Hi-Rise Serpent Chaturanga Tight Silver Bells Size PXS - SOLD Review here.

Unicorns Everywhere!

I'm so happy I live in a time where unicorns are popular again. As an 80s child I was crazy about My Little Pony and have been obsessed with unicorns ever since. So forgive me as I indulge in my childhood obsession just a little bit. I'm 37 years old but I'm still a kid at heart! S'well Bottle Magic S'well just released their limited edition Pop collection and when I saw the rainbow unicorn it was a I must have it moment. I mean seriously, Rainbow Brite anyone?  Then last year Werkshop released their Unicorn leggings which I also had to buy. It was hard trying to decide between full length or crop. Part of me still wants the full length version.  Werkshop Unicorn I'm not going to lie, if I didn't already have a nearly new yoga mat, I would have bought this Unicorn mat. Sigh. I still want it! It's just perfection! Werkshop Unicorn Yoga Mat Besides obsessing over unicorns, I'm also slightly addicted to bag charms.

What's New From Werkshop, Athleta & Lululemon

Since I've been away for so long I haven't had much to review. Werkshop recently released an athleisure line and booty shorts. I'm not 100% sure these are petite friendly because of the high rise and super long length for the leggings. If anyone has tried any of these styles let me know. I've been a huge Werkshop fan, but not sure these would work for those who are extra petite. Booty Shorts- Starry Night Booty Shorts- Purple Palms Athleisure- Mariposa Athleisure- Dope Athleisure- Sea MashUp Athleisure- Fantasy MashUp Athleisure- Zen Garden MashUp I've been looking for some summer dresses since Lululemon's Cinch It Dress didn't work out for me. I saw Athleta has some in petite sizing, but unfortunately most of the petite sizes already sold out! I guess you really have to be on top of new releases if you're petite. I'm going to stalk the website for returns and maybe I'll get lucky. In the meantime here are