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I went and got my eyebrows tattooed!

I was pretty tired of drawing my eyebrows in everyday. I looked into microblading , but decided it's just too expensive for something that only lasts 2-3 years. It does look really fantastic and natural, I'll give it that. If it was a one time thing that lasted forever I would have done it for the price. I was looking for something more permanent and less expensive. Funny thing is, when my mom got her eyebrows tattooed twenty something years ago, my reaction was "OMG I'm never doing that!", said my 18 year old self. Hah, how things change. I'm no stranger to tattoos. I have five of them in various places on my body. What's another one? The pain is temporary and while it can hurt quite a bit while filling in the tattoo it's only a few seconds at a time. As soon as the needle stops, the pain stops. It's really not that painful, at least to me. That said, it took about two hours from start to finish. All my other tattoos took an hour or so. I sp