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USA / Canada Upload! December 25th 2016

Merry Christmas to you all!  Here's the upload.  Not a fan of the new prints, but I do like the new Shibori print though.  Too bad it's hi-rise!  So who got a Lululemon gift card?  I would love to know if you guys bought anything! Cool Racerback II in Life Lines Cerulean Blue Pace Rival Crop in Life Lines Cerulean Blue High Times Pant in Life Lines Cerulean Blue Wunder Under Crop in Life Lines Polar Pink Free To Be Tranquil Bra in Life Lines Polar Pink Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Shibori Black Dark Carbon On Track Crop in Polar Pink Free To Be Bra in Life Lines Polar Pink Run Times Short in Circuit Aurora Black Speed Short in Life Lines Polar Pink

WMTM Update! Ready to Rulu Pant and more

Small update today.  It's been a couple of weeks since the last update.  I'm tempted to get the Ready to Rulu Pant in black.  I have those in my cart.  Those would be a little long on petite legs like myself, but I think they would look okay in the black.  I have a fit review of those here . Don't forget to use Ebates 8% today. Ready To Rulu Pant $74 Runderland Gloves $34 Runderland Neck Warmer  $34 Runderland Ear Warmer $29 You can get a full set of Runderland accessories in darkest magenta all on sale.  I'm tempted to get the neck warmer myself. Run Speed Shorts $39 (further markdown fit review here ) Power Y Tank $29-$39

Store Try Ons! Nulux Speed Wunder Tights, Florence Speed Shorts, Teeny Tooth Deep Fuchsia Define, Essential Tank!

I'm still traveling at the moment and writing this post from Newport Rhode Island.  It's right by the beach and so peaceful.  The other night I was in NYC to see one of my favorite bands from the 90s.  Anyone ever listen to Lush?  They pre dated the bath soap store that's super popular right now in malls.  This is what I wore to the show. Deep zinfandel Precision Jacket and Essential Tank in dusty mauve with a pair of denim shorts from Zara.   Define Jacket in Teeny Tooth Deep Fuchsia Size 4 Anyhow, I did manage to go to the Chestnut Hill store while I was in Boston and saw the new Define Jacket in person!   For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and size 4 in tops and bottoms unless otherwise noted. The fabric is really thick, although not as soft as herringbone if I remember correctly.  I'll have to wait until I get back to Atlanta to be sure.  This is my usual size 4 in Defines and the fit is perfect.  I think the fit is actually a lit

Guest Reader Photos- Define Jacket in Teeny Tooth Deep Fuchsia!

This is an OMG I must have item for me!  I'm actually heading to a store later and I'm hoping I will see this gorgeous Define Jacket for myself.  These photos were sent to me from one of my readers.  She says, "The fabric is better than the herringbone Define Jackets from last year even though it's the same material.  It definitely feels different," Define Jacket in Teeny Tooth Deep Fuchsia I think it looks absolutely gorgeous on her!  I don't know about you guys but I'm super excited.   Paired with Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise in Midnight Bloom Chilled Grape Swiftly Racerback & Speed Shorts in Mini Midnight Bloom Thanks Jen for the photos!  And in case you're all curious, she did purchase the Define Jacket and the Speed Shorts.  

USA / Canada Upload! September 6th 2016

I'm kinda disappointed by tonight's upload.  I'm not a big fan of paisley, J.Crew and Banana Republic came out with a lot of things in paisley back in the early 2000's and I guess I'm still tired of it!  There are still a few items I am tempted by, but would probably just be returned.  I'll have to sleep on it if I want to put place an order.  Anything for you guys? Speed Shorts in Florence (I like how these look in the front, but the back, not so much?)  (I'm still tempted to try this though) Outrun 17" Crop in Antique Paisley Deep Fuchsia Back- Outrun 17" Crop Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise in Antique Paisley Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise in Antique Paisley Deep Fuchsia Speed Wunder Tight Nulux in Marbled Mix (I'm very curious about these and want to try them even though I know it won't be flattering on me) Wunder Under Hi-Rise in Maze True Red Wunder Under Hi-Rise in Maze Jacquard High Ti