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Black Friday WMTM!

Not too much that's worthy of mentioning, but here are my top picks.  If they release more items tomorrow, I'll do another update.  I purchased the Vinyasa Scarf. City Bound Wrap $79 Conduit Tight $84 Wunder Under Crop III $59 Conduit Crop $69 I have a review of this here Conduit Short $39 fit review here Vinyasa Wrap $39 Vinyasa Scarf Rulu $29 (I love this scarf so much!  Would make great gifts.) Extra Mile Duffle $99 Extra Mile Duffle Mesh Version $109 Bundle Up Scarf $94 (I have one from last year and I love it.) Insculpt Vest $59 All Day Soft-shell $249 City Bound Hoodie $69 Savasana Softshell II $159 Wunder Under Short 2" $29 Rush Hour 1/2 Zip $59

USA / Canada Upload! September 6th 2016

I'm kinda disappointed by tonight's upload.  I'm not a big fan of paisley, J.Crew and Banana Republic came out with a lot of things in paisley back in the early 2000's and I guess I'm still tired of it!  There are still a few items I am tempted by, but would probably just be returned.  I'll have to sleep on it if I want to put place an order.  Anything for you guys? Speed Shorts in Florence (I like how these look in the front, but the back, not so much?)  (I'm still tempted to try this though) Outrun 17" Crop in Antique Paisley Deep Fuchsia Back- Outrun 17" Crop Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise in Antique Paisley Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise in Antique Paisley Deep Fuchsia Speed Wunder Tight Nulux in Marbled Mix (I'm very curious about these and want to try them even though I know it won't be flattering on me) Wunder Under Hi-Rise in Maze True Red Wunder Under Hi-Rise in Maze Jacquard High Ti