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Review! Adidas Adizero X Allbirds - Lightest Running Shoe?

  Did everyone have a nice relaxing weekend? I've been trying to downsize my closet and listed a few items on Poshmark. It is SO hard to pick things out, much harder than I expected to be honest. I will keep trying throughout the month to minimize. I did mange to sell my last pair of Speed Ups! I also found out I need to work on my cardio fitness. According to the VO2 Max chart for women, I fall in the average category for my age. I'll be listening to 'Running Up That Hill' while literally trying to get up some hills. 😅 This also means my Adizero's will be getting a lot more use, which brings me to this review. Earlier this year, Allbirds teamed up with Adidas to create a super lightweight running shoe that only uses 2.94 kilograms of carbon emissions to produce. That's very low considering my other Allbirds are around 10 kg CO2e.  Adizero X Allbirds Semi-Turbo Size 5 I purchased these a few months ago and ordered size 5.5 from Allbirds (my usual size), howeve