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Lululemon Upload! November 7th 2017

I know it's fall/winter but I really love these  Speed Up Short  in radiant print! I'm totally ordering them and hope I get a decent print placement. I'm also ordering the Down For A Run Jacket II in black cherry. I never bought the original version because of how long the jacket was. I'm hoping this new version is more petite friendly.  Did you order anything? Speed Up Short Radiant Multi (So miiiine!) Down For A Run Jacket II Black Cherry Balance & Resist Onesie Light Cast 105 Singlet Heathered Hydrangea Blue Swiftly Racerback Stony Grape Rest Less Pullover Blue Nile (This color is super pretty!) Fleece & Thank You Pullover Heathered White Down For A Run Vest II Black Down For A Run Pullover II Black Front & Centre Jacket Stony Grape Light As Warmth Scuba Primaloft Fleece Black Cherry (I'm not a fan of the contrasting zipper, looks strange) Full Freedom Jacket Sequoia Camo