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Upload! July 31st 2018

Tonight's upload is definitely interesting to say the least. Lots of wild and crazy looking prints. I think you'll see them on WMTM pretty soon if you do like them. I'm actually kind of interested in this the Light Strides bra, Hooded Define Jacket and City Street Cardigan. What do you guys think of tonight's upload? I think will be placing a semi large order. City Street Cardigan Heathered Mistique (I can totally wear this to work but it's also $148!)  Light Strides Bra Incognito Camo (For $78 this bra better be fantastic, I might be crazy enough to order it to try!) Sculpt Tank Color Crush Scuba Pullover Smoky Blush Flip It & Reverse It Jacket Black Hooded Define Jacket Vintage Mauve (I think this is pretty cute, I might order to try) Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Nulux Spectrum (I have no words!) Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Exposure Multi Align Pant Lacescape (This looks familiar, did they bring th