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Coach Custom Rogue by Chelsea Champlain & Fall Sale!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Fall is coming and Halloween is just 45 days away and I'm definitely going to be carrying this custom Coach Rogue bag by Chelsea Champlain for all of October. I love her artwork and had my bag sent to her back in July for customization. I got it back a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. This is my third custom. Her prices are reasonable and she takes requests through her Instagram account and her Etsy shop for anyone who might be interested.  I am 4 feet 11 and carrying Rogue 30. The detail is absolutely amazing. It looks even better in person if you can imagine it. I can't be more pleased with how it came out. I originally requested just a large skull but when Chelsea came back with an initial sketch of a skull and snake, to be honest I was a little bit hesitant to agree. Chelsea's first sketch to me. She told me she was going to remove the lower half of the jaw on the skull and move the snake hea

Stadium Approved Handbags!

Happy Friday! Last month some of you may remember I went to a soccer game. The stadium banned all bags or backpacks bigger than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches. This is a new rule for every professional football stadium. They allow you to bring in your belongings in a clear plastic bag or in a clutch the size of your hand. If you didn't have one they made you check it in or did not allow you to go in at all. I opted not to bring a handbag with me and just carried my phone and wallet in my pockets. But I realized I should probably look into a clear purse for future events like this. I did some research and found a very pretty but very expensive Chanel bag that's made of PVC that retails for, I kid you not- a jaw dropping $3000. I'm not crazy or rich enough to drop that kind of money on a plastic bag but I do love how cute it is. After some digging, I found some Chanel inspired looking ones on Amazon that are very affordable.  YOOXI Clear Purse Pink & Green   $15.9

Review- Coach 1941 Mailbox Bag Metallic Smoke

Happy Friday everyone! I was going to head to the mall after work today to do some try ons, but I changed my mind and decided to get my workout in instead. I'll try and do some try ons soon! I have for you another Coach review. Recently I reviewed the Keith Haring Rogue 25 bag and after mulling it over for a bit, I decided to return it. I'm so glad I did! My latest handbag purchase is this gorgeous metallic smoke mailbox bag . This is another Coach 1941 design that's absolutely beautiful. Even though the color is metallic, it's a matte metallic and not shiny. I have owned some really loud metallic bags in the past and this one is very subtle. The color is a gray blue that can sometimes look green depending on the lighting. Coach Mailbox Bag Metallic Smoke As you can see this one has crystal embellishments along the top of the bag and on the strap. The strap is brown which at first I thought didn't work with the blue gray color of the bag but now I

It's National Handbag Day!

My very first handbag purchase was an Icon bag. Icon is actually famous for their shoes, but I saw this Navigator bag on display at Bloomingdales and had to have it. It cost $400 and it was my gift to myself for graduating college. I thought, man that's expensive for a bag but it's like a work of art! The Navigator Bag by Icon So yes, I still have it in my closet and no I don't use it anymore. Soon after I discovered Balenciaga in 2005 and it's been a on and off love affair ever since. My very first Balenciaga was a pewter first in silver hardware. I wish I still had it. I eventually sold it because it was a little too small for me. Balenciaga Pewter First 2005 Over the years I've gone through tons of Balenciagas. There are a few that I regret selling. If I ever won the lotto, I would probably spend the money searching for the old and rare Balenciaga bags that pop up on eBay every so often. Specifically the ones released in 2001-2005.

My Newest Bag! Coach Swagger 21 + August Ban

For those who know me, I have a weakness for purses. And expensive purses. I've got a Chanel Boy Bag, two Balenciagas, Gucci, Givenchy, and now Coach. Okay so Coach isn't that expensive, and I honestly never really paid attention to Coach in the past because of all the canvas bags with the CC logos on them just turned me off. A few years ago they hired Stuart Vevers and have been rebranding themselves as the American Louis Vuitton. Stuart Vevers used to work for Louis Vuitton, Givenchy, and Bottega Veneta (just to give you a background). Recently with the Coach 1941 line, they really have my attention. After seeing this ad with Chloe Moretz and the cute butterfly bag she's holding, I became obsessed. I had to have it! This bag is not from the 1941 line (I'll go into the 1941 line in a little bit). I also discovered it's from last years collection and no longer sold at the stores. Which led me to stalk eBay for awhile. The exact bag she's holding i