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Upload! November 17th 2020 - Face Masks and Scuba Plush Hoodies are back!

Alright! Finally we get a Lululemon Face Mask !  I was wondering when these were finally going to be released. I ordered two. One for me, one for the husband to try. Secondly, I also placed an order for  Scuba Hoodie Plush  in alpine white and chambray. The cranberry is nice but I think a little too orange for me. I'm a little sad they didn't release more colors. A violet verbena would have been amazing. What does everyone think of the Align Gold line? Not sure it's for me. I'll update this post if more items appear.  Let me know what you ordered!  Double Strap Face Mask (There are tons of colors. You all know I'm going to try one!) Align Jogger Crop French Press Align Crop French Press Align Tank French Press Gold (I realize like to wear my Align Tanks without the bra inserts because they tend to bunch up at the elastic band when I leave them in. Anyone else have this issue?) Align High-Rise Tight Twist Waist Violet Verbena Scuba Oversized 1/2 Zip Hoodie Heathered

Mask Review! Athleta, Rothy's & Werkshop

I had this great plan to do a photo shoot of my Seawheeze order, over the weekend except... I still have not received it! It's been sitting at the same location since Wednesday. It's been eleven days since it was shipped. I literally can't believe how long it's taking to arrive. I have a feeling when it does get here, the box or bag will be in tatters. Sigh. I had to come up with a plan B post. I've been planning on reviewing my face masks, so here we are. My top favorites are Athleta, Werkshop, and Rothy's. All three have pros and cons. None of them are perfect.  I'll review Rothy's face masks first. They are very large masks and easily cover my husband's face. They have comfortable ear loops (not adjustable) and are easy to breath in. These are made of recycled plastic bottles! I'm wearing a Coach mask. Hubby is wearing Rothy's. It fits my husband's face better. The mask is a little too large for my face, bu

Review! Werkshop Face Mask

Happy Friday! I'm officially on vacation for the next five days. I'm not doing anything really, I'm just going to enjoy sleeping in for the next five days. I am so not a morning person.  Today I'm reviewing something a little different, but I think very important. As you all know I have zero sewing skills, so when I saw that Werkshop decided to make face masks , I was very intrigued. I love their leggings and always try to support small businesses. Supporting a small business is so very important right now.  So when Tina Z announced on Instagram that her very first batch of face masks were on sale, I immediately bought one. I wasn't sure if I was going to like it, but figured I would try at least one. I purchased the butterfly print.  BTW- this is not a sponsored post in case anyone was wondering! As you can see, when a second round of face masks went on sale, I ended up buying a lot more. Three are actually going to my sister in Ne