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Blue Apron Review!

I've been meaning to write a review on Blue Apron for the past few months. Blue Apron is a meal delivery service that delivers right to your door step. They started in 2012 and I kept hearing about them from friends and decided to try it for myself. Just to give you a background on my cooking skills: I have none. I grew up with a grandma that pretty much cooked all three meals for me while I lived with my parents. It wasn't until I moved out in October of 2015 did I finally learn how to cook, and not because my husband doesn't cook. He actually went to culinary school and originally wanted to be a chef. When we moved to Atlanta, I didn't have a job so I tried to be the good wife and learn how to cook dinner since my husband was working full time and was really busy. I would feel so bad if he worked AND did all the cooking, ya know? I mean, I would have it made for sure, but I had to at least pull some weight. So I gave Blue Apron a try. What I really like about Bl