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Fit Review! Rothy's Loafers Indigo Cloud & The Portfolio Indigo Sky

Happy Friday! To those celebrating this weekend- Happy Mother's Day! If you have furbabies - you deserve to be celebrated as well! I know it firsthand how rambunctious and crazy four teenage cats can be. 😅 Also for those of you interested in my second Pfizer shot and how it went- here's a photo of my Covid arm. Lovely! 😖 I had very mild side effects for the most part. I was super tired and groggy the day after, to the point where I took a 30 minute nap during my lunch break. Then after I ate dinner I took a Tylenol and slept for 12 hours straight. I woke up today feeling much better, but my arm is definitely red and itchy. There is a slight lump where I got the shot and my armpit is also pretty sore. Definitely a strange feeling. I'm hoping this will go away soon. Other than that, it went well. I can't really complain. Let's get on to the review! I've been meaning to try a pair of Rothy's Loafers for a while now. They look really comfortable and I like th

Fit Review! Kids Rothy's Loafer and Sneaker

After receiving my Rothy's copper pointy flats , I wanted to give the kids loafer  and sneaker  a try. For reference I fit a size 5 in women's pointed toe flats . For kids sizes I fit a 3 in the  sneaker  and size 4 in the  loafer . My normal shoe size is 5, sometimes 5.5. White Rainbow - Kids Size 3 I really love the  White Rainbow  sneakers and they arrived just in time for Pride month! I'm pretty excited to try these out. It's been rainy all weekend. 😕 Hopefully I can wear them out next weekend.  Kids Red Zebra Loafers Size 4 I'm actually very impressed with the loafer. It's too bad my husband hated the red zebra print. He said it reminded him of a bad 70's rug. 😆 I returned these but I am hoping they restock the Navy Crest Loafer in a size 4.  Kids Navy Crest Loafer Kids Sneaker Deep Navy (Also like these as well.) I think for the price, if you have small feet definitely give the kids selection a try. The snea