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Recent purchases- High Times Pant Nulux, Vinyasa Scarf Capri Black, Athleta Luxe Stronger Hoodie Oatmeal

Just wanted to show some photos of my new Vinyasa Scarf in Capri Black .  I haven't bought a new Vinyasa in forever, but I really love how saturated the blue is.  It's also made of rulu and super soft. Vinyasa Scarf in Capri Black Here I'm wearing it with my Luxe Stronger Hoodie .  Are you guys sick of it yet?  I'm totally loving it.  I've been wearing this one a lot. Luxe Stronger Hoodie  in XXS I ended up ordering the High Times Pant in Iridescent Nulux before I went to the store to try them all on last week.  So I was going to return them but tried it again and now I'm leaning towards keeping these.  This pair fits much better than the one I tried on at the store.  There was no white fading at the waist band which makes me think the one at the store was cut too small.   High Times Pant in Iridescent Nulux  Size 4 I'm a fan of Nulux and really love how they feel.  I find them not to be see through but in a deep squat they do

More Athleta Fit Reviews! Cozy Karma Asym Hoodie, Luxe Stronger Hoodie Oatmeal, Cozy Karma Wrap

This morning I woke up to reserve the Luxe Stronger Hoodie in oatmeal at the store and to my shock I saw almost all the sizes sold out over night!  Yikes! Here are some modeling photos for you guys in case you can reserve it at the store near you.  I love that Athleta gives you that option now. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and I'm wearing XXS in Athleta. Luxe Stronger Hoodie Oatmeal Size XXS  As soon as I put it on it was love at first sight.  There was no way I was walking out of the store empty handed.  I seriously can't decide if I like the black or oatmeal more to be honest, so I'm keeping both.  I'll probably have to sell a few of my Scuba Hoodies to make up for this!!   This is just super cozy.  I do want to point out that the zipper lining is tan.  It looks a little greenish in the photo because of the lighting in the fitting room.  It's a beige-tan color.   I also have a review of the black version here .   I also tr

Fit Review Friday! Athleta Luxe Stronger Hoodie

Happy December!  I can't believe it's almost the end of the year already.  Today I have for you a super cozy hoodie.  This one is more of an outerwear hoodie since it's lined with faux fur.  I would maybe wear this around the house if I didn't have the heat on. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and wearing a size XXS in Athleta. Luxe Stronger Hoodie Size XXS  This hoodie is sooooo soft and warm I am seriously thinking about picking up another in the oatmeal color.  The oatmeal version has a gold zipper which makes it super pretty.  The black color comes with regular silver colored zipper.  Wish it was gold or rose gold! Sizing is pretty true to size for me.  If you're in-between sizes I would say size up.  It can be a little tight in the shoulders and armpits otherwise.  It's definitely very slim fit. The sleeves are a little too long for me, but what else is new?  The hoodie itself is very soft.  This is a medium to heavy weight hoodie.