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Happy February!! My new Challenge for the month!

For January my goal for the month was to drink 64 oz of water a day.  Did I make it?  Yes, I did!  I tracked all the water or tea (no sugar) to my Fitbit app every day.  Once I completed the daily water intake, I made a smiley face on my Commit30 calendar. Notice my reward?  Damn right, I wanted my leggings! Now for February, my goal for this month is to be super frugal.  Only buy what I need.  So basically this narrows my purchases to food and if I need shampoo or conditioner because I've run out of my Head & Shoulders.  That's really all I can think of.  So no cute clothes, or shoes, or scarves.  No new t-shirts from Hot Topic.  No new make up from Sephora.  No Funkos for me this month.  No Lululemon.  Do you guys know what Funko Pops are?  If you don't, do not Google them.  They are so cute and addictive.  No new nothing!  For 28 days.  Oops, make that 29 days.  This year is a Leap Year.  Darn it.  Not exactly sure what I want as a reward for this?