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Coach Custom Rogue by Chelsea Champlain & Fall Sale!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Fall is coming and Halloween is just 45 days away and I'm definitely going to be carrying this custom Coach Rogue bag by Chelsea Champlain for all of October. I love her artwork and had my bag sent to her back in July for customization. I got it back a few weeks ago and absolutely love it. This is my third custom. Her prices are reasonable and she takes requests through her Instagram account and her Etsy shop for anyone who might be interested.  I am 4 feet 11 and carrying Rogue 30. The detail is absolutely amazing. It looks even better in person if you can imagine it. I can't be more pleased with how it came out. I originally requested just a large skull but when Chelsea came back with an initial sketch of a skull and snake, to be honest I was a little bit hesitant to agree. Chelsea's first sketch to me. She told me she was going to remove the lower half of the jaw on the skull and move the snake hea

National Handbag Day!

Happy Friday everybody! National Handbag Day was actually 2 days ago but I still wanted to share my two latest obsessions. These bags are not new purchases. I've actually had the Speedy 30 for 12 years but only carried her once. I realized monogram really isn't my thing. It literally sat in my closet for 12 years and I would use it to store random things like cash and my passport. 😬 When I saw Coach's new fall line featuring moths and skulls , I fell in love. I found out the artist behind it all is Chelsea Champlain. Digging some more, I found her instagram page  and sent her a message after seeing she does commission pieces. I decided to send her my LV Speedy and Coach Dinky 24 . The Speedy was a no brainer. She did mention that she never painted on a LV before and was very excited to be given the chance to do so. The Dinky I already had in mind that I wanted some kind of design on it and I was originally toying with the idea of going to Coach and having th