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Upload 11/03/2015 USA Canada

Another lame US upload.  Again nothing for me this week!  Weird that the Down For a Run Jacket does not come in a size 2 on the website.  I also wish they would release it in Black Grape.  Does anyone know if this jacket runs small?   Down for a Run Vest in Forage Teal Down for a Run Jacket in Black Down For a Run Pullover in Black Grape Scuba Hoodie III in Wee Stripe Heathered Gray Speed Tights in Forage Teal Herringbone Rest Less Hoodie Canada Only in Ultra Violet I kinda love the Rest Less hoodie in Ultra Violet but too bad I can never wear long sleeve tops.  I just get too hot in them.  Also love the Scuba Hoodie III in the Wee Striped Gray but I have something so similar to that already so I can pass.

UK Upload 11/03/2015

So as usual, I much prefer the UK upload over anything we got in the US today.  Such a bummer but my wallet isn't complaining. High Times Pant in Black Grape- LOVE! Daily Practice Jacket in Jeweled Magenta Daily Practice Jacket in Black Grape Scuba Hoodie III Flashback Static Powder Speed Tights in Tender Violet Space Dye Camo Define Jacket in Tender Violet SS Swiftly in Tender Violet Speed Short in Biggie Fleur Sombre Caspian- LOVE!