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Fit Review Friday! Athleisurewear meets Naked Cashmere!

Happy Friday! This purchase was part of my 40th birthday present. I've been wanting some cashmere pieces since I've never had any before. Hard to believe right? I've had pieces that had a percentage of cashmere but never a full 100% cashmere top. When Naked Cashmere released their new February collection, a few pieces caught my eye. Athleisurewear and cashmere? Yes please!  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and wear size XS in Naked Cashmere. In Lululemon I'm typically a size 4 or XS in tops. Joni Hoodie Sandy Size XS The moment I put this hoodie on, I knew it was a keeper. I'm actually wearing it right now. It's the ultimate luxury work from home top. Since I no longer have to dress up, especially if I have no Zoom meetings for the day, I'm throwing on my hoodies. This is recycled cashmere and it's very soft. It does not itch or irritate my skin at all. The quality is amazing and this one is made of 286 grams of cashmere. It is light weight b

My Birthday Post and Naked Cashmere Review!

So this is 40. Seems like my 30s went by extremely fast. My celebratory weekend was filled with lots of take out and treats! And of course I also had to get a new bag. This is actually a vintage bag from 2005. A baby Chloe Paddington. Do you guys remember when it was the "It" bag? There were waitlists and all the celebrities had this bag in some color hanging off the crook of their arms. I actually had a couple of these back in the day but sold them off because they were very heavy. This is the baby size version. Much easier to carry. I do love my vintage bags! This one came all the way from Japan and is in mint condition. I'm loving this navy blue with gold hardware. Also arrived just in time are these lovely Golden Gingham Mary Janes . I am so glad I got these before my size sold out! I'll have a review up soon. My lovely co-workers sent me some cookies that were still warm! Soooo good. I love cookies that are fresh out of the oven. Popped a chocolate chip cookie ri