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I'm Back in Atlanta

Just wanted to write a quick post letting you all know I'm back in Atlanta. It was really nice to spend some time with my grandma. She was really happy seeing everyone together. I'm glad to be home with my fur babies and husband even though I miss my grandma. I am quite behind on writing posts but will get back to it next week! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! Grandma & nephew My awesome sister managed to snag some Harry Potter tickets for me while I was there! She's the best and this play is seriously the best play I've ever seen. Celebrating Mother's Day with my Grandma  Sunny day at Bryant Park


For those of you looking for my usual fit review Friday, my apologies. There's a family emergency and I have to fly back to NYC tonight. I had one of those mentally exhausting days and when I got home from work last night I just crawled into bed. I'll be in New York for the next eleven days. I will post more from the east coast.

My trip to NYC --> Boston --> Newport -->NYC --> Atlanta

Now that I've been back home for a couple of days, I wanted to share some photos from my trip over the last 2 weeks.  Traveling is fun, but I really missed sleeping in my bed and being able to control the air conditioner at night.  I can't sleep unless it's 72 degrees or cooler.  Anyone else out there with me on this?  My body generates so much heat when I'm sleeping. Times Square at night. Sometimes I do miss NYC, but most of the time I really don't.  One of my biggest complaints is the air pollution.  It's pretty disgusting when you combine the heat, humidity and the cigarette smoke from everyone walking around the streets in the summer.  It actually made my asthma spike along with allergies I get in the northeast.  I'm still recovering from it. This is my 92 year old grandma. I love my grandma dearly which is why I go back to New York to visit as often as I do.  She's getting up there in age and at 92 years old, how many more chances