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Upload! January 9th 2018

So not a whole lot of new items were uploaded today. The Taryn Toomey collection is back. I didn't get anything from the collection when it was first uploaded and now that there's a second chance I'm tempted to try the Awakening Crop in misty mauve.  Otherwise, Ready to Rulu wrap is interesting. I also really like the new Persian blue color. I'm hoping they release it in some kind of crop version for petites! Anything for you this week? Swiftly LS Foxglove Ready To Rulu Wrap Heathered Nocturnal Teal (I kinda like this, but not sure about the ties at the hem)   Back In Action LS V Heathered Petals Train Times 7/8 Pant Persian Blue (I really like this color, wish they would release some crops in this!) Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Persian Blue Align Pant So Merlot I think some pieces of the Taryn Toomey Collection are worth posting again, especially for those who missed out on them the first time around. Awakening T