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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!

Before I get into the sale, here's an update from our vet visit. Neko is perfectly healthy with zero issues. Flash has the second best report card, he just some watery eyes that we need to monitor. Could be allergies, could be herpes that flares up when he's stressed. But nothing that needs ointment just yet. I know you're all waiting to hear if Ash pooped in his carrier, and yes, oh YES he did. Although he almost made it without pooping. We were maybe about 5 minutes away from the vet and my husband says, "I smell some poop...." Ash had a lot of tartar on his teeth but the good doctor managed to scrape some of it off and proclaimed, "LOOK at that! I just saved you guys $500!" 😹 I seriously wish I got that on video. Ash also has a slight ear infection that does reoccur every so often and we have to give him meds everyday for a week and then once a week to prevent it. On the way home, Ash also peed in the carrier. He definitely wasn't having it. Ash

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Public Access Starts Today!

 Reminder - Nordstrom public access starts today at 3 am eastern time. I'm linking to my Presale Post .  Happy Fall Shopping!

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2021 - Early Access Starts Today!

Happy Monday! For those of you looking forward to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale , Early Access starts today. I don't have a Nordstrom card, so I won't be participating until Public Access - July 28th. I will say that this year the selection is quite disappointing. Normally there's 100 pages to look through, this year there's maybe half as much. I do think it's a combination of supply chain issues and the fact that things are starting to open up again and people want to spruce up their wardrobe. Things sell out fast even if it's not on sale. I do think that most of this will be gone by the time July 28th rolls around. At the same time, I don't think I'll be super disappointed if my wish list sells out. I will post a reminder when Public Access starts.  Let me know how you feel about this year's selection and what is on your wish list.  Bobby Brown Eye and Cheek Set All Saints Rib Knit Ruana Foot Petals Ultimate Comfort Insoles (Tip- I've been swi

My Nordstrom Anniversary Haul Is Here!

Happy Friday!! I'm so ready for the long weekend. I don't really have any plans but I definitely need to clean up a bit around the house. There are a lot of sales happening for Labor Day weekend. I already posted about Lululemon's WMTM drop . I thought it was a pretty good one. My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale order finally arrived! Let's get to it. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. Zella Lola Soft Lounge Cozy Jacket  Size XS This Zella jacket is very soft and cozy. I found it to run a little large for size XS. Easily enough room to layer. The sleeves are long, but I didn't think they were too long on my petite frame. I liked that there are thumbholes. It's a light weight jacket and good for cool summer nights and easily a great piece to transition into fall. The back offers a decent amount of coverage. It almost covers my bum. The one thing I wish this jacket had is a zipper garage. The co