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Review! APL McLaren HySpeed Rose Dust / Creme

Happy Friday! Hope everyone is doing well. We're speeding into the holidays with Thanksgiving/Black Friday in just three weeks. I need to start getting my shopping list ready for my friends and family and then of course there's my wish list. 😇 I also want to know what's on YOUR wish list. Tell me in the comments below! Speaking of wish lists, the APL McLaren HySpeed was on my fall wish list and I did manage to scratch it off! I received a gift card and decided to go for it.  For reference I typically wear size 5.5 in Allbirds (also my normal sneaker size). For the McLaren HySpeed, I sized down half a size.  APL McLaren HySpeed Rose Dust / Creme Size 5 This is a collaboration between APL and luxury carmaker McLaren. This is a running shoe that for sure will make you look fantastic on the track. This has a unique design with a carbon plate running the length of the shoe for increased performance. There is a three piece cushion placed along the inside of the heel to mimic th

Review! APL Streamline Running Shoe White Cherry Blossom

  My fitness journey is always evolving. I'm the type of person that needs variation to keep my workouts interesting. Six months ago I signed up for the Peloton app that's $12.99 a month to include running/hiking and yoga workouts into my routine. Before Peloton, I was only doing weights with Alexia Clarke and Supernatural for cardio, but I was lacking stretching/yoga and running workouts. Running is fairly similar to Supernatural but the main difference is the lack of incline which I noticed was impacting my VO2 max score according to Apple fitness. My V02 max measurement was on the decline for a year now, but I'm finally turning it back around! With the new running routine in place I decided I needed to get some serious running shoes. This is where APL comes in. For reference I wear size 5.5 in Allbirds and I'm also wear size 5.5 in APLs. Streamline White Cherry Blossom  Size 5.5 Before I start with the APL review, I would like to say that while I love my Allbirds and

Review! APL TechLoom Bliss Rose Dust Nude

Hope everyone had a great weekend! My husband and I saw Thor : Love and Thunder and really liked it, but my favorite is still Ragnarok. I love that Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi have a great sense of humor and they make these movies a lot of fun to watch. Plus, they bring back Natalie Portman! Have you seen her arms?! They look fantastic and she's got shoulder caps. I am impressed! Hashtag Goals! Today, I have a review of Athletic Propulsion Labs (APL) TechLoom Bliss in Rose Dust/Nude for review. My usual Allbirds size is 5.5. For APL it's also size 5.5. APL TechLoom Bliss Rose Dust/Nude Size 5.5 Flash of course, has to investigate! I have been looking at these running shoes for a few years. I always held off because of the steep price ($120). My curiosity won and I finally took the plunge. This is a very lightweight running shoe, clocking in at 6.1 oz for size 5.5. I love the seamless design and there are no laces to deal with, which makes it super easy to slip-on and off

Fit Review- Lululemon TechLoom Phantom Shoe Glow in the Dark

I was curious about these running shoes only because they were glow in the dark. I wanted to know how well they really glowed. I purchased a size 5 but I probably should have gotten the 5.5 to allow thicker socks. I could get these on with thin socks but they were really snug around the ankle and I can see how some might not even be able to get their foot all the way in if you have wide feet.  It wasn't very comfortable at all to wear. I also didn't really like how the shoe laces came out from the inside of the shoe.  TechLoom Phantom Shoe  Glow in the Dark It kind of didn't make sense and I couldn't figure out how to tie them properly. The instructions said you can thread them through the hole inside the shoe but I couldn't figure it out. The shoe laces are really long, so I couldn't see where you can tuck them inside the shoe? Didn't make any sense to me at all. And tying them from the inside made them sit uncomfortably on the