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WMTM Update & Has Anyone Tried on the Glyde Scuba Hoodie?

Happy Friday! This isn't my normal fit review Friday because it's been raining non stop for the past month! I haven't been able to take any photos on the weekends at all. So instead I have a question for all my readers out there. Has anyone tried on the Glyde Scuba Hoodie ? It's on sale for $119 and I've had my eye on it for a year or so but never got around to actually ordering it for a fit review. I'm wondering if someone could help me out to see if this jacket is petite friendly and if it's something they would recommend. I love the color and some of you know I'm a sucker for purples. Glyde Scuba Hoodie  $119 (Anyone have this or tried it on? Help a girl out!) Free To Be Bra $39 (I have this bra and love it. See more photos here .) Simply There Bralette  $39 (Now that I'm in the market for more everyday bras, has anyone tried this? Reviews are mixed. Wonder if a size 4 translates to a size small. Such a bummer it can't b

Upload! January 2nd 2018!

It's a new year and tonight is the first upload of 2018. First up is this gorgeous Define Jacket in ruby red. It looks amazing. However I know I will not wear this as much as I want to so I'm going to refrain. The Scuba Hoodie Glyde looks really nice in boysenberry. Has anyone tried that on? I'm curious if I should stick to my usual Scuba Hoodie size or go up one. The teal shadow Align Pant looks really pretty but I don't think I could pull that color off. Nothing for me tonight, I'm trying my hardest to shop my closet this year. I have so much clothing I really don't need anything new. I'm going to spend this year combing through my closet to weed out items that no longer work for me. How am I going to do this? I'm going to try and wear every single item in my closet. 😬 If I do not enjoy wearing it, I'm going to donate it or sell it. Anyone else with me?  Define Jacket Ruby Red (This color is gorgeous! It's a show stopper. Seriously