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Frugal February & More Photos of Sunrise Silhouette

I was hoping to take more photos of the Sundown Wrap  over the weekend but it didn't happen. I hope to have more photos by Friday's post. I did however manage to take some photos of the sunrise silhouette print that I'm obsessed with right now and as you can see I also bought the matching bra! The bra is not as colorful as the Speed Up Short , they look more subdued and muted. I still love it though. It's rare for me to have anything matching when I workout. This is a first! Free To Be Wild Bra Speed Up Short As some of you know it's February and this is when I try and go on a ban from spending needlessly. Even though I did relatively well for January I would like to continue to do even better for February. I did place a couple of orders at the end of January so I will have some fit reviews coming up. I'll probably also visit the stores a little more for some try on posts.  I'll be spending the entire month of February cleanin

First Purchase of the Year! Lunar New Year Free To Be Wild Bra & Speed Up Short

Lunar New Year Free To Be Wild Bra Another weekend over! They always go by too fast. Went to the mall today for some try ons, so I'll have a nice fit review coming up for you all on Friday. Just a quick post tonight. I'd like to share my first purchase of the year! Lunar New Year Free To Be Wild Bra in artisan spring print. I love the colors and always go through my bras pretty quickly.  The tag is a thicker cardboard with red and gold. Fancy! Lunar New Year Free To Be Wild Bra This one is lined with black on the inside which is a nice contrast. Free To Be Wild Bra Purple Quartz Dark Chrome Speed Up Short Sunrise Silhouette Also picked up another  Free To Be Wild Bra Purple Quartz Dark Chrome  on final sale. I paired it with sunrise silhouette Speed Up Short and I think it works nicely. Although I wouldn't mind having the matching bra  too. It's on my wishlist.  Hope everyone has a great Monday! Shop: Lunar New Year

My February Purchases

So, I'm supposed to only bring in one new item per month, which so far is proving to be a lot harder than it sounds. February started off with my birthday and the first thing I bought was a new Coach bag I was searching for a few months.  Coach 1941 Rexy Dylan Bag Then I fell in love with the heathered auburn colored Vinyasa and purchased that. My sister also gave me a Lululemon gift card for my birthday so I ended up buying a few more things throughout the month. Vinyasa Scarf And of course Sherlock passed away and I fell into sadness and grief and needed some retail therapy. I found an etsy shop that made custom rings and ordered one for each of my fur babies. My ring size is 3.5 and only a few shops could make them that small. They are totally affordable and only cost $21 per ring. It took about a week and a half for them to make. I went with rose gold and font 31 in case anyone was curious. I really love how they turned out and I wear them almost everyda

Upload! February 20th 2018

Just want to thank everyone who has left me a message about Sherlock. After reading them all I cried. I just miss him so much. His cute little face and how he would be so happy just to sit in my lap. I can't believe I'll never hold his fuzzy little body ever again. Thank you again, every message meant a lot to me. I'm going to need some retail therapy and blogging is a good distraction for me. These so merlot Align Crops are calling my name. My other problem is the length. The 21 inch is too long on my short legs, so if I am going to buy anymore Align Crops, I will have to get them hemmed to 19 inches. It's so sad. I do have these in my cart though. I may place a small order, anything for you tonight? Align Crop So Merlot Sculpt Tank Pearl Pink   Sculpt Tank Persian Red (This color is really pretty too. I wish these tanks weren't so long on me though) Swiftly Racerback Persian Red Cool Racerback Persian Red Non-Stop Bomber Redwood

USA / Canada Upload! October 3rd 2017

Lots of new prints tonight! My absolute favorite is frozen flourish. If that comes out in the Speed Up Short, I'm totally getting one. My second favorite is nouveau starlight. I'm ordering it in the FTBW bra. Camouflaged midnight navy is nice but it looks a little muddy in the photos. I wonder if it looks better in real life. I also have the purple camo that was released last year or was it the year before? I can't recall so I don't need to have the blue version of it. Aura dark chrome is a little too out there for my tastes and reminds me a bit of graffiti. I think I'm too old for it. Hahaha. Anything for you tonight? What did you think of tonight's upload? Free To Be Wild Bra Nouveau Starlight Run Times Short Frozen Flourish (Looooooooove this print right here, please please come in Speeds!) Cut Above Hoodie Heathered Black Balance & Resist Light Cast Wunder Under Hi-Rise Fight Foliage (Definitely pretty but a little too pais