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Frugal February & More Photos of Sunrise Silhouette

I was hoping to take more photos of the Sundown Wrap over the weekend but it didn't happen. I hope to have more photos by Friday's post. I did however manage to take some photos of the sunrise silhouette print that I'm obsessed with right now and as you can see I also bought the matching bra! The bra is not as colorful as the Speed Up Short, they look more subdued and muted. I still love it though. It's rare for me to have anything matching when I workout. This is a first!

As some of you know it's February and this is when I try and go on a ban from spending needlessly. Even though I did relatively well for January I would like to continue to do even better for February. I did place a couple of orders at the end of January so I will have some fit reviews coming up. I'll probably also visit the stores a little more for some try on posts. 

I'll be spending the entire month of February cleaning out my closet. Have you ever heard of "capsule wardrobe"? It's very intriguing to me. It's basically a small collection of your favorite pieces of clothing paired down to the essentials that are interchangeable to create hundreds of outfits. Some capsule wardrobes contain as little as 30 items. I don't think I can do it, but after watching some Marie Kondo episodes on Netflix, I'm inspired to clean out my closet. I want to pair down my clothing to what I really love to wear. I am taking Wednesday off to try and KonMarie my closet (it's also my birthday.) I think that's the first step. Then I have to reorganize and see what colors work best for me and start a theme or at least recognize a color palette. When I shop I always just buy what looks great without really thinking about if it will work with my wardrobe. I end up with a number of great pieces on its own but hard to put together to make a great outfit. Anyone else have that problem? I usually end up wearing the same pieces over and over in the same combination for work. It's kind of like a uniform I guess. Nothing wrong with it but I would like to have more creativity with my work outfits.

Who else is with me for Frugal February? More the merrier!


  1. It’s a good idea to keep just a small collection of clothings that you really like, but it’s easier said than done! I go through my wardrobe about once a month with the intention of getting rid of stuff that I haven’t worn for a while, but everytime I end up letting go only a few items. @_@‘.

    In the last few years I’ve been buying mainly grey/black/white items plus occasionally a few purple and teal pieces, so most of my items can be easily put together. :)

    1. I know what you mean. I always look in my wardrobe for something to get rid of on a regular basis. I need to try harder.
      Now I know why you only buy mainly gray, black and white. I can do gray and black and navy blue. But never white. And those colors are so dark. I do like the burgundy and dark purples and pretty mauve/pinks. I think those are my main colors but none of it really goes together LOL!

  2. Yes, I would love to learn to buy prices that match rather than one-offs. I would love to hear about it once you’ve finished!!

  3. * pieces not prices

  4. I'm working that challenge for sure! I've been "shopping" my closet and I have a photo inventory of all my athletic wear. If i'm contemplating something I look at everything I already have and see if it's compatible and distinct enough. It's helped me scale back my buying this past year.

    I do believe though that trying to weed things out bit by bit is the anti-marie kondo. I spent a day a few months ago and pulled out EVERY piece of athletic wear I had. It was a lot easier to be ruthless when faced with the overwhelming evidence. I also tried every item on and tried to figure out what went with it....and now I have 5 bags of items to put on ebay.

    I do sense a palette for you though, from reading the blog and I think the shorts/bra above might help you on your way to organizing around that palette. It might be fun (for us - for you it might be work) to snap a few pics of how the clean out progresses for inspiration. Good luck!

    1. Thanks! How did you compile all of your inventory in photos? Did you take modeling shots, or just photos from stock images? Or did you lay them on the floor? I wouldn't mind doing something like that.

      I did what Marie Kondo would have wanted and pulled everything out of my closet. This is everything, work clothes, athletic wear, lounge wear. It took me 4 hours to go through. Which is better than I expected! I do have a pile to sell as well as a donate pile.

      I think it's something I probably need to do every 6 months!


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