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Review! On Cloud Tide Magnet & Photos of the New Office

How is everyone doing? Have you seen the meme going around that says "I really enjoyed the five minutes between Covid and World War III?" or "We survived the pandemic to be rewarded with WWIII? It's awful to see what's happening to Ukraine. It makes things like reviewing clothing and accessories just seem superfluous at times like this. I've donated to a few places that will help aid the people of Ukraine. If you can help, please do. The company I work for has offered to match every donation so definitely see if that's something available to you as well. I will link a few charities to donate to at the end of this post for those who may be interested.  In other news, the weekends always feel too short. On Saturday I usually end up doing errands. Sunday- I try to relax and take a moment but it makes me sad that Monday is around the corner. I've mentioned in my previous post that my office moved to a new location. The new space is very nice. I shared som