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Fit Review! Aviator Nation Hand Dyed Pullover Relaxed Hoodie & Crew Sweatshirt Relaxed and Personal Musings About My Blog

  Hope you all had a great weekend. I'm going to be traveling to Raleigh, NC for another business trip. My new role at my job doesn't normally have me going on business trips this often and I'm really not looking forward to this one because I have to wake up at 5am to go to the airport. 😩 After my business trip is over, I'm heading straight to New York to visit my family. I'm not used to doing this much traveling. Just FYI- I will be around for Tuesday's upload, but it will likely be posted later that night.  In other news, am I the only one starting to get bored of Lululemon? I'm definitely buying a lot less from them this year. There's always maybe one or two items that pique my interest, but I'm also not feeling the FOMO hit if I don't place an order. (I will always take fit requests though!) I'm looking for inspiration. I recently tried Alo Yoga but I still don't think it's going to be a place where I will shop at often. Athleta&

Fit Review Friday! My Aviator Nation Tie Dye Haul! Crew Sweatshirt Relaxed, Pullover Hoodie Relaxed, Ninja Pullover Hoodie

Happy Friday/February! This is a very image heavy post, so get ready. This haul was one of my last purchases in December and I kinda went a little crazy. I just love Aviator Nation's tie dye combinations and wanted them all.  EDIT- 20% off flash sale happening now for Valentine's Day! This weekend only. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size XS in Aviator Nation tops. I also wear size 4 in Lululemon and size PXS in Athleta. Hand Dyed Crew Sweatshirt Relaxed Tie Dye Blue Purple   Size XS I could not resist this color combination. I just fell in love the moment I saw it. I think it looks really pretty. I'm wearing size XS and it's oversized and SUPER comfy, I cannot emphasize enough how comfy this sweatshirt is. I would totally get this style in another color one day. I love my Aviator Nation tops, they are some of my favorites in my closet. Definitely pricey, but worth it to me! I did manage to get these all on sale, it's the only time I

Fit Review! Vuori Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0 vs Aviator Nation 5 Stripe Hoodie

  How is 2023 treating everyone so far? I'm doing great on my no buy but at the same time it's only 8 days in. 😆 Although, I admit the 60% off Naked Cashmere sale is very tempting. I'm considering a couple of shackets. And in case anyone is wondering I do have a bunch of reviews lined up from purchases made in December so I should be good for at least a month, if not more. I am anxiously waiting to see what Lunar New Year items we'll get from Tuesday's drop. Today's review is a comparison between Vuori's updated Halo Performance Hoodie versus Aviator Nation's 5 Stripe Hoodie. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically wear size XS in Vuori and Aviator Nation. I also wear size 4 in Lululemon and size PXS in Athleta. Vuori Halo Performance Hoodie 2.0 Cosmo Heather Size XS I was interested to see how the updated version of the Performance hoodie compared to the original. I liked the original Performance Hoodie but at times I wish the sleev