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NOLA Trip!

I've never been to NOLA before so I wasn't sure what to expect.  I knew it gets crazy during Mardi Gras, but let me know you it is still pretty crazy on a regular weekend, so I can't even imagine how bad it gets during Mardi Gras.  We landed in New Orleans just in time for walking around the French Quarter for a bit before heading to dinner.  We stayed at the Hyatt right in the French Quarters. Bourbon Street So there are LOTS of drunk people walking around Bourbon Street day and night.  I'm not big on drinking so it's a little awkward for me to be around this kind of crowd.  If I never had another drink in my life, I really wouldn't miss it! Street Performers Our first meal was at Deanie's There is a lot of fried food in New Orleans.  The first night there we went all out, as you can see in the above photo.  After that, we were kind of sick of it to be honest!  In fact the first night was the only night we ate fried food.  Afte