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USA / Canada Upload! March 8th 2017

Nothing for me today. I really haven't spent much on Lulu so far this year. I did buy a few things in January but I calculated up the total and it came out to $223.78. For February I spent zero on Lulu because of my ban. So far March I've spent again zero dollars because I used a gift card to purchase my new Swiftly tank. I've actually spent quite a bit more at Athleta by comparison. So far a little bit over $400. I've also decided to sell a few more things on eBay. So far 2017 is looking good for my bank account! Anything for you tonight? Swiftly Racerback Viridian Green (Nice green, but I had something similar to this in the past) Swiftly LS Viridian Green Cool Racerback Viridian Green Re-form Jacket Blue Tied Re-Form Vest Dark Olive Free To Be Bra Wee Are From Space Nimble Battleship Smooth Stride Crop Heathered Black (this is actually kind of nice from the side but ruined it with the floating butt seam) What is up with that