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What's Your Goal for 2019?

Some of you may know that I keep all my purchases on a excel spreadsheet. For 2018, I spent a total of $2,026.47 on Lululemon. For Athleta I rang up at $1,173.78. The year before, I spent roughly $2700 on Lululemon and $1550 on Athleta. It looks like I'm buying less and less from both brands, which makes sense because my closet is already maxed out to capacity. It's very full. Often if I buy something I tend to sell something that I no longer wear.  For 2019 I really want to be more selective in my purchases. I want to see my combined purchases for Lululemon and Athleta to be under $2500 at the end of 2019. I want to focus on working out smarter, not harder. Which means I need to watch what I'm eating.  I want one of my purchases for 2019 to be Hermes scarf. I'm also toying with the idea of buying a Chanel card case. Do I really need this stuff? Nope. But I do enjoy beautiful things!  I also need to reorganize my closet. 2018 I amassed quite a numbe