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Epic Fail Nike!

For a few years, I was on a Nike ban. I couldn’t stand behind a company that gave an endorsement deal to Michael Vick after it was discovered he ran a dog fighting ring. But serving some time, he seemed to have turned over a new leaf having done things like lobbying Congress to pass a bill that made it illegal for people to even spectate animal fighting events. He also created a foundation to help families with the funeral costs for those killed in the Virginia Tech mass shooting.  With that, I felt I could go back to buying Nike products. I still haven't forgiven him, but I do think he's trying to make up for what he's done.  The problem is, I would be buying more Nike products if their site actually worked. Specifically the Hello Kitty collaboration they have going on with their Converse label. This  morning  at 10am eastern time, Converse released a limited edition Hello Kitty capsule that is so cute, I was willing to break my shopping ban for. When