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Review- Coach 1941 Mailbox Bag Metallic Smoke

Happy Friday everyone! I was going to head to the mall after work today to do some try ons, but I changed my mind and decided to get my workout in instead. I'll try and do some try ons soon! I have for you another Coach review. Recently I reviewed the Keith Haring Rogue 25 bag and after mulling it over for a bit, I decided to return it. I'm so glad I did! My latest handbag purchase is this gorgeous metallic smoke mailbox bag . This is another Coach 1941 design that's absolutely beautiful. Even though the color is metallic, it's a matte metallic and not shiny. I have owned some really loud metallic bags in the past and this one is very subtle. The color is a gray blue that can sometimes look green depending on the lighting. Coach Mailbox Bag Metallic Smoke As you can see this one has crystal embellishments along the top of the bag and on the strap. The strap is brown which at first I thought didn't work with the blue gray color of the bag but now I