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NashVegas & Fit Review Friday! Rain Rebel Jacket & All Yours Hoodie

  Happy Friday! I decided to combine my Nashville photos with the Fit Review Friday post. I'm warning you now, this is a very image heavy post. The drive to Nashville took us about 4.5 hours going there because we hit a decent amount of traffic. Going home was great, we drove straight through with no stops and made it back in a little over 3 hours. I have to say though, the drive isn't that much fun. I liked that we saw the Great Smoky Mountains but it wasn't very enjoyable because the road was only two lanes with a lot of 18-wheelers.  The first stop was White Castle. I'll spare you all the photos but if you haven't had White Castle, it's probably a good thing but it tastes so damn good. Atlanta doesn't have a White Castle (again, probably for the best) but since we were heading to Nashville, why not? We did however have a very nice dinner at 5th and Taylor that night. 5th & Taylor Halibut  Apple pie with vanilla ice cream  (Soooooo good, possibly the b