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New from SENI by Fit Rebel

Some of you may remember when I posted a review of Fit Rebel . Today they are having a pre-sale of their newest jellyfish print. They are being offered in capri and full length. Right now they're also 10% off. I'm leaning towards getting the capri length. I think these are a steal for $40.69! Rise Above Jellyfish Capri   Rise Above Jellyfish Full Length

Werkshop Jellyfish Leggings HAVE ARRIVED!

Woo HOOOOOOO! Two weeks ago I ordered Jellyfish leggings from Werkshop.  I kept checking the tracking and last Monday, it said they were delivered in my mailbox.  I run downstairs to get them and WHERE ARE THEY?!  Nothing, no package was there for me.  I start panicking because I live in a huge apartment complex with a gazillion mailboxes next to each other.  So I knew someone else had received my Jellyfish leggings. I wrote a sad email to Werkshop to let them know what happened and they said to give it a week, and if they don't show up, they would "take care of me."  Which I hope meant they would send me a replacement pair.  Lol. A week goes by and it's Tuesday night and my husband says, "Did you email Werkshop yet?"  I told him I'll email them in the morning.  I go to take out the garbage and open the door to see my WERKSHOP PACKAGE on the floor!!!  I literally gasped!  There is some goodness left in this world!!!  Thank you to whoever it was

Eagle Rock Werkshop new Spring Launch Under The Sea!

I'm super excited for this launch, they released Chapter One this past Friday.  There are four new leggings with sea themes.  My favorite one is the Jellyfish, followed by Tentacles.  They all come in capri and full length leggings.  I always go for the capri since I'm so short. Check them out here ! Jellyfish Siren Clownfish Tentacles  When my ban is over I'm totally adding the Jellyfish to my collection!  Which one is your favorite?  There's also going to be Chapter Two and Three, which should come in the next month or so.   So I need to pace myself!