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USA / Canada Upload! April 4th 2017

Nothing for me this week. I do really like the color marvel, so I may end up picking something up in that color. I want to see if I can stop by the store first. I also like the new Speed Shorts prints. I have to be extremely picky since I just bought a new Gucci bag! Review of that coming soon. I'll also have the Fast & Free Crop & Tight review coming up this Friday! Anything for you? LS Swiftly Marvel   (super pretty color) SS Swiftly Marvel/Black (not as nice with black in it) Wunder Under Low-Rise Tight Marvel Swiftly Racerback Marvel/Black Align Crop Black Grape (this is actually tempting me) Define Jacket Marvel (really loving this color more and more) More Than Modal Pant White/Black (these look really comfy) Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Kindred Spirit   Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Kindred Spirit Speed Short Super Natural Blue (these are really pretty) Speed Short Kindred Spirit Speed Short Ant