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USA / Canada Upload! April 4th 2017

Nothing for me this week. I do really like the color marvel, so I may end up picking something up in that color. I want to see if I can stop by the store first. I also like the new Speed Shorts prints. I have to be extremely picky since I just bought a new Gucci bag! Review of that coming soon. I'll also have the Fast & Free Crop & Tight review coming up this Friday! Anything for you?

(super pretty color)

(not as nice with black in it)

(this is actually tempting me)

(really loving this color more and more)

(these look really comfy)

(these are really pretty)

(I know a lot of people are excited by color, but fluorescent yellow really isn't my thing)


  1. I am at Atlanta right now attending a conference. Since I arrived early, I visited the Lulu at the Lenox Mall. I thought I might run into you, Haha. Atlanta is much bigger than I imagined. Anyway, I really love the fast & free crop in Nulux. It is so smooth and fits like a glove. I think I will get a pair but not sure if I want the boring black but I know I will wear a lot or the fern print (can't remember the long name!) which is a bit sheer. I left both in the store because I could not decide and the hefty price tag. I can't wait for your review. What do you think?

    1. Oh I love Lenox Mall! It's about 10 minutes away from me. My husband actually works across the street from the mall. You'll probably more likely to run into him haha.
      Overall, I definitely liked the Fast & Free Crop. A lot of positive things about it for sure! I think the main con is the price tag. It's a toss up if it will end up on WMTM. As of right now all sizes are available in all 4 colors.

  2. I'm also loving the Marvel (with no black) and kindred spirit speed shorts. I'm really sad it seems they discontinued the FTBW bra - I would have bought that so fast in Marvel.

    I bought the black grape Align Crops but going to keep the tags on and see if pants come out - and if I even want them in pants or crops or both... :X

    I tried on the Fast & Free crops in store! Really love them but I seem to be between sizes? The 4's felt tighter than Align's in 4, but the 6's felt like they'd slip during runs. The price tag is definitely making me think hard about it. But if they come out in Black Grape.... well crap. :P

    1. I knooooow, I basically whine about that constantly. The FTB Zen Bra just feels too tight across the back for me which causes extra back fat to bump out. =T Of course this just means I have to work on losing more fat, but I didn't have that problem with the FTBW bra.

      Ohhhh you bought the black grape Align Crops! Totally jealous. I def wear the crops more than I do the pants.

      The 4s definitely feel more snug in the waist for me which is why I don't think they would slip during a run. The 6's would definitely be too big for me. I would hold off and try on a few more size 4s. Maybe you will find one that fits a little better for you?

    2. PFFTTT you look amazing! And the FTBW bra worked for you! Hmm, are you saying that even within the same size Fast & Free Crops (4's), they may fit differently? Never thought to try different ones of the same size.

    3. It may fit differently in another color. I would give it another shot. Try it again in 4s and 6s in different colors and see.

  3. I wanted some light colors for the spring but not jumping up to super bright neon color. :(
    Other colors are too winterish for me. New speedy in super natural color is super cool but they are too similar to my strive multi print.
    I like new colors on hot like agni tank!! I wish it coms in other tanks too!!

    1. The colors are very fall/winter! But I do like darker colors for bottoms. Tops I would like something a little more pretty. I was going over my excel spread sheet this year for Lululemon, and I was a little surprised at how little I've spent on them so far! But the new Gucci bag made up for that deficit. LOL.


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