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Thoughts on Frugal February and my Current Wish List!

Every February I make myself go on a shopping ban. It seems like the right thing to do post holiday shopping. Just to give you an idea of what my January spending looked like, I spent $627 just on activewear alone . Talk about crazy, right? I spent about $465 on an interview suit, button up shirt and shoes which I think paid off, since I got the job. Then I went to New York and decided to get new glasses and contacts which totaled to $476. Those are just some of the big ticket items in January. This month was completely different. I did however need some new work clothes. Here are my results for Frugal February. Food - $75.28 (this includes lunches purchased at work and supermarket runs, although I'll admit my husband pays for most of the groceries) 😂 Taxi- $18.17 (I don't drive and on the days I couldn't catch a ride from my husband or co worker I paid for Lyft or Uber) Work clothes- $242.84 (purchased two pairs of pants, a sweater and tank) Phone case - $12

My Current Lust List!

As most of you know, I was on a shopping ban for all of February.  Now that it's over (well I have 10.5 hours exactly) I want to look over my lust list.  Here is what I've been lusting over for a month or so. Alexander Wang Mini Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold Hardware I will always have a love for bags, and this one caught my eye.  The color is a light brown which is perfect for Spring/Summer but can also work with Fall/Winter whites.  I absolutely love the rose gold hardware.  I used to own a regular sized Rocco bag, but it was too heavy for me.  This mini Rockie weighs a little less than 2 pounds and I'm pretty sure I can handle that.   S'well bottle Jade 9 oz S'well bottle Blue Marble 17 oz S'well bottle Neptune 17oz I'm pretty obsessed with S'well bottles.  I don't think I'll actually get 3 new ones, but I would like a smaller sized and maybe add another 17 oz to my current wood one.  I'll have to think about i